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J Hart Solutions FZE specialises in the provision of mission-critical medical equipment to organisations operating within fragile and conflict-affected states, particularly Iraq and the surrounding regions. Our services are geared towards supporting the oil and gas, private security, engineering and NGO markets with a strong focus on the quality of product and services, legal and ethical compliance with national and international laws and regulations and timely, reliable delivery.

About Us

J Hart Solutions

01. Our Staff

Our staff are fully trained in national and international export and import control processes. We understand the procurement challenges inherent in operating in challenging environments and strive to provide our clients with a full turnkey solution, allowing them to focus on their own business operations confident in the knowledge that all of our solutions are high quality, compliant and fit for purpose.

02. Trusted By Many

Within Iraq, we have established an exclusive joint venture partnership with a leading international medical services company to provide a full spectrum of medical and healthcare-related equipment and services across both the Federal Republic and Kurdish Region of the country. This partnership allows J Hart solutions to provide a full range of compliant medical equipment and services within the country. Our services have been designed by qualified medical professionals including doctors and other healthcare professionals.

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Jonathan Hart
Managing Director

Jonathan is the Managing Director of J Hart Solutions FZE. With more than 10 years’ experience in supporting oil and gas, private security and NGO clients operating in complex environments such as Iraq. he has a proven track record for providing reliable and quality solutions within this challenging marketplace. A former Royal Marine Commando, Jonathan was previously the Iraq General Manager for a market leading technology and procurement solutions provider within the Middle East and establishing the company as the leading brand within the Iraqi and the GCC. Jonathan founded J Hart Solutions in 2017 after identifying a gap in the market for the provision of better, more cost effective and targeted medical equipment and services solutions to clients in failing and conflict affected states